Case Studies

SAB Miller

The Dilemma

SAB Miller is the world's second largest brewer that employs over 70,000 people in 75 countries, and owns many well known beverage brands.

SAB Miller needed to deliver global specialist training and development courses. They have multiple divisions across three continents and so an online training course would need to be provided in multiple languages. We needed to deploy a solution that afforded remote learning to track and grade assessments and to aid in corporate employment decisions.

Previously SAB Miller had been relying on a rudimentary e-learning platform to build and deploy SCORM compliant courses. However the development work was slow and expensive, and the LMS (Learning Management System) used was antiquated and plagued with technical issues. In addition, courses rendered in Adobe Flash were severely bloated in file size, and were posing problems to employees in the Africa division who did not have regular broadband access.

The process of delivering training courses using this technology caused expenses to grow considerably. Furthermore the contractor who was supporting the global e-learning initiative suddenly disappeared taking all data down with it, leaving SAB Miller in a messy situation.

Sane SCORM Content

SAB Miller wanted to have all their course materials usable and back online in no time. We carefully studied several SCORM content creation solutions in the market and concluded that Adobe Presenter was the widely used, state of the art solution. It was disappointing to know that the state of the art itself was severely outdated and limited. That is when we decided to develop an in house SCORM creation solution.

SCORM content generated by our proprietary SCORM tool is vastly superior to courses generated by Adobe Presenter and other competing tools. The courses are faster by several orders of magnitude; are aesthetically pleasing and user friendly; run cross platform and cross browser without the need for 3rd party plugins like Flash; are lightweight—up to 95% reduction in file size in most cases; can support any type custom interaction; has remote reporting and tracking beacons in case the modules are run outside of an LMS; and many more advantages.


SAB Miller wanted several things custom tailored when it came to how the courses were deployed. For this, we developed Lumean SPARK, an extensible, easily deployable, cutting edge LMS. Lumean SPARK let SAB Miller easily deploy, manage, and track their employee training and assessments with just a few clicks. In addition, it provides comprehensive tracking, monitoring, reporting, and analytics tools for assessing the performance of learners by various metrics.

In The End

Our lightweight SCORM courses were a breeze to use for the learners, and our resilient and intelligent LMS made course deployment and tracking possible even over dialup speeds, solving the Africa division’s bandwidth problems.

In addition, we managed to salvage whatever old data SAB Miller had before their e-learning contractor disappeared, and integrate it into our LMS, so that the transition appeared seamless to the learners with all their past course details and grades in place.

SAB Miller now have several training courses and assessments running smoothly, with several thousands of pounds and countless man hours and productivity saved, thanks to Lumean SPARK and Lumean's proprietary SCORM content creation technology.

NHS - Interpreting Services

The Dilemma

The UK NHS (National Health Service) is one of the world's largest employers and provides the UK with publicly funded healthcare. We were employed by one of London's largest NHS trusts to produce a rescue and recovery package along with an interim solution for their Interpreting Services department. The department is highly specialised in offering face to face interpreting for special, rare and common languages.

Previously the Interpreting Services department relied solely on a legacy web based application for all of their daily activities. Everything from booking creation, schedule management, finance, and advanced reporting. This proprietary enterprise system had been a custom development for the department over the course of multiple years.

After some years of steady use, the contractor who owned the proprietary software filed for bankruptcy. This left the department in a very difficult situation as the software was under licence and contained an automated yearly shut down. The system therefore needed to be renewed each year after new licence terms had been agreed. The department services an average of 200 bookings a day and provides work for hundreds of professional interpreters. A replacement system and a data recovery package was urgently required in order to ensure uninterrupted functioning of the entire department.

Complicated But Not Complex

Step one was to carry out a full analysis of the department’s existing CRM. It included the outlining key system architecture from front to back, analysing the previous system's processes, studying the architecture of its large and unruly database and providing a timely rescue package before things got out of hand.

However, due to the sudden derailment of the previous management system, only a very short notice was provided to us. Furthermore, there was a lack of technical documentation available of the previous system and due to its inherent size and patch work nature, the process proved very difficult.

As the project was time critical, and we were handling personal data which would not be allowed to leave the NHS internal network, much of the development was undertaken from the department’s own offices with limited remote access.

In The End

We delivered a robust and sophisticated interim solution that fulfilled all of the department’s requirements and delivered beyond all expectation given the tight time frame. We also provided a direct online booking request tool that now works as a direct replacement to the previous system. Along with this, we also developed a comprehensive central management system that affords the department's operations team functionality to carry out their daily processes including advanced reporting and finance tools.

Our interim solution covers everything from booking creation and management, scheduling, interpreter’s diaries, calculating and producing pay reports to calculating customer batch charges and activities. It was seamlessly integrated with a duplicate copy of the previous systems database. This enabled critical historical data to be queried and processed via the new solution, and new data to be input directly into existing data sets.

A Large Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) Company

The History

We were engaged by a large MVNO. The company provides white labelled wireless communications services from the popular brand, T-Mobile. The MVNO uses its own customer service and billing support systems, marketing and sales personnel and also provides other corporate services such as MVNE (Mobile Virtual Network Enabler) via its own infrastructure.

The Dilemma

The company required a web based software solution that would integrate with their existing telephony infrastructure via a SOAP API. This MVNOws (Mobile Virtual Network Operator Web Services) solution needed to be easily deployable under different white labelled brands as part of their MVNE sales package and provide a flexible platform for future expansion.

In The End

To fulfil this business need, we developed a proprietary MVNOws. It integrates securely with the client’s existing middleware services and CRM platform.

The MVNOws allows mobile service customers to login, register their SIM card, and make online top up payments via an integrated secure payment gateway and to view real time account balances and activities.

The MVNOws also affords a complete administrative back office and CMS (Content Management System). The back office allows staff to update and announce key brand USP's such as current deals, bundles, and call rates. It allows staff to update any content on the website with just a few clicks and keeps logs of any transaction happening via the website.

One of the key aspects of the MVNOws is its focus on usability and scalability. The MVNOw has been extensively designed with the customer and stake holder in mind. Website navigation is very simple and accessible. Due to the fact that it is a platform for mobile service users the website also caters to cross browser / device compatibility requirements through an advanced and responsive frontend design.